Aluminium Pet Tags Continued

Military ID Tags in sizes 50 x 29mm and 38 x 22mm

38 X 22MM - TAG-00032

50 X 29MM - TAG-00025

Octagon Tags in sizes 32mm

32MM - TAG-00014

Star Tags in sizes 25mm and 32mm

25MM - TAG-00006

32MM - TAG-00026

T-Shirt Tags in sizes 34mm

34MM - TAG-00005

Rugby Ball Tags in sizes 38mm

38MM - TAG-00006

Heart Tags in sizes 19mm, 25mm and 32mm

19MM - TAG-00020

25MM - TAG-00004

32MM - TAG-00005

House Tags in sizes 32mm

32MM - TAG-00015

Sliding Collar ID in sizes 45 x 22mm and 50 x 30mm

45 X 22MM - TAS-00094

50 X 30MM - TAS-00028

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