Lock Sales

ABUS Titalium padlocks are a high security padlock ranging in size from 30MM to 60MM. We stock in this size

  • 64TI Range
  • 80TI Range
  • 96TI Range - Dimple Key


We can also order Keyed Alike padlocks on request so you only need one key for all padlocks.

Zone padlocks are aimed at the budget end of the market but are still considered secure. Sizes range from 20MM to 60MM.



We also stock the Zone TSA Approved travel locks, so there's no worry of you lock being cut when baggage is checked.

As well as the padlocks we provide replacement Zone cylinder locks for your PVC doors. Please ring ahead when needing one as a limited range of sizes is kept available. Below is a guide on how to measure your cylinder lock to determine the correct size plus how to remove and replace the lock.

Measuring & Replacing Cylinder Locks

How to Remove Cylinder Lock


  • Unscrew the fixing screw (Usually directly inline with the bottom of the cylinder barrel)
  • Put the key in one side (doesn't matter which)
  • Put pressure on the other key hole
  • Turn the key one way and if the cylinder doesn't slide out turn the key the opposite way

How to Replace Cylinder Lock


  • Insert key into the cylinder and turn so the black cam is in line with the cylinder body
  • Slide the cylinder into its hole in the handle and through the lock centre casing
  • Position the cylinder so the the screw hole can be seen through the fixing hole
  • Screw in the securing screw (do ot over-tighten)
  • Check lock works correctly

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