Replacement Key & Remote Shells

New Vauxhall Key Remote Shell

Ater time car remote fobs start to show their age and either the buttons stop working or the key blade breaks off or both. We offer a range of Replacement Key & Remote Shells for most of the popular car brands so you don't have to worry about the high prices of main dealers. For enquiries about your car remote please email a picture of the key to*

Vauxhall Remote Before Repairs

Here's an image of a Vauxhall car remote where the rubber buttons had worn through and the covers for the mirco switches had come away.

Vauxhall Key Remote New Micro Switch

Here's an image of the same keys circuit board with new micro switch covers ready for a new case.

Vauxhall Key Remote New Case

Here's an imae of the finished key with a new outer case finished ready for collection.

*Please note that some car remote fobs require longer than others to change cases. Please allow up to 2 hours for job completion.

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